When Is The Right Time To Change Carpentry?

Do you want to change your joinery but don’t know when? Whether determining the best season for this type of work or favoring the replacement rather than repairing your windows, it is important to choose the right moment before you start! So, is it better to change windows in the summer or fall? What clues prove that it is time to change your joinery? Find the best time to change your windows, patio, or front door!

What Is The Best Season For Changing Windows?

If the replacement of your windows with Apex Window Werks for instance can be done in one day, it can take longer if you have a lot of joineries to change! To prevent the cold from seeping into your home during work despite the plywood installed on the openings, it is essential to consider the weather conditions. Therefore, each of the seasons has its advantages and disadvantages in the context of window replacement:

To combine both the availability of artisans and good weather conditions, it is therefore recommended to have your new joinery installed in spring or autumn. However, anticipate the change of your windows because the choice of criteria can take time: choice of material, type of opening, options, and taking dimensions.

What Time Of Day To Replace Carpentry In Renovation Or Total Replacement?

Should you favor a time of day or a schedule for changing your windows or window sill repair? It all depends on the availability of artisans! On the other hand, the latter generally manage to remove the old window and install the new one on the same day. This is why the artisans begin work in the morning after total removal (complete removal of the old carpentry). Indeed, a renovation installation requires half a day, while a total removal generally requires a whole day!

When Should Windows Be Replaced?

Over time, the joinery in your home can become defective for several reasons: age, bad weather, obsolete equipment such as single glazing, etc. Depending on the degree of wear and malfunction of your joinery, you must adjust, repair or replace it!

Finally, regular maintenance of your windows can extend their lifespan! With proper maintenance, your PVC windows can reach a lifespan of 15 to 40 years, while aluminum or wooden windows can reach a lifespan of 20 to 50 years! Thus, it is preferable to plan the installation of your new windows during the intermediate seasons (spring and autumn), and from the moment when you notice malfunctions or major defects in your joinery.

Post Author: Jayden Logan