What Is The Difference Between Marble And Granite?

In addition to the difference in composition, other aspects mark the difference between marble and granite. Granite is more resistant and is, therefore, more suitable for outdoor areas.

Granite is the most suitable in places with a large circulation of people. It is also the best choice for places that need cleaning with chemicals. Marble, on the other hand, because it is more porous and fragile, should be installed in drier places, as it absorbs water more easily and without movement, due to the risk of showing marks. This is even a technique to differentiate one stone from another: in addition to observing the characteristic of the veins and spots, you can pass the tip of the knife on the stone; if it gets scratched, it’s marble; if not, it’s granite. The price of the stones will vary according to the type and rarity. The harder to find, the more expensive the final product will be. However, in general, granite is cheaper.

What Is Marble Care?

When installing marble, it is good to keep in mind some care that must be taken to keep the stone’s useful life longer. Use in kitchen sinks or barbecue countertops, for example, is not recommended, as fat and acidic ingredients, such as lemon, cause stains.

In outdoor areas, use is also not fully recommended. But, if you choose to place it, prefer light colors, as dark ones change with excess sun. When cleaning, remember that marble is porous and can acquire stains when it comes into contact with liquids and abrasive substances. Cleaning must be delicate and requires attention: use only a damp cloth or specific products for the stone. A good homemade solution is to mix 10 drops of neutral detergent in 2 liters of water, pass over the surface with a soft cloth, and then dry. Avoid the use of alcohol, acids, and bleach.

What Cares For Granite?

Granite such as calico white quartz for example is more resistant than marble, but it also requires special care. Avoid constant contact with water so as not to cause stains. You can apply a waterproofing agent to the stone after installation or restore its shine with specific products. Waxes are not recommended as they get into the granite pores, accumulating dirt over time.

For daily cleaning, use only a damp cloth and the same solution of detergent and water, which in this case improves efficiency if it is warm.

Professional Marble And Granite Cleaning

To ensure that your marble or granite floor is 100% clean and without the risk of damage, a good alternative is to seek a specialized cleaning service.

Post Author: Jayden Logan