Types of Air Coolers & Differences between Them

Convenience and comfort are the primary features the masses look for in everything nowadays. So it is no surprise that appliances like an air cooler are renowned globally. Although the use of air conditioners has become the norm, most people still prefer air coolers over them.

The reasoning behind that is simple – air coolers are economical, durable, and eco-friendly. That is why the demand for an air cooler pertains to reign the market. This leads to numerous companies offering different types of air coolers to meet consumer demands. There’s a lot of options to choose from especially with brands like Crompton providing a wide range of coolers along with premium options that have great features.

Which air cooler should you buy? Which air cooler gives the best cooling? Such questions are common and can be answered via quick research about the different air cooler types and their differences. On that note, let us help you know everything about air coolers in 2021:

Different Types of Air Coolers

Personal Air Cooler

Comfort is one of the simplest reasons why people adore air coolers, and personal air coolers serve the purpose impeccably. Generally known as room air coolers, they are perfect for cooling small or medium-sized settings. With an approximate capacity of twenty to thirty-five litres, you can easily place them within your room.

A personal cooler comes with enhanced blowers for enhanced indoor air-delivery. Plus, it features castor wheels, improving its portability so you can shift it between rooms without any hassle.

If you want to buy an air cooler for your living room or bedroom, a personal cooler should be your go. Overall, it is the low noise and energy-saving properties that make personal coolers stand out from the competition.

Tower Cooler

Not everyone possesses the luxury of large rooms, and if you also suffer from spacing issues, tower coolers are perfect for you. A variety of great features and affordability make it one of the best options for coolers. Plus, they fix the age-old issue of air coolers showcasing a boorish design. Tower air coolers are aesthetically-pleasing and carry a water capacity of fifteen to twenty-five litres.

The modern market is filled with different types of tower air coolers, so there is no specific price tag attached to the category. You will easily be able to find an air cooler with a cooling tower within your budget.

While a tower cooler is capable of competing on equal terms with the other coolers, it is the exquisite aesthetics that make it stand out. So if you want an air cooler for a small room with exquisite features, a tower cooler should be your pick.

Desert Cooler

Desert coolers are designed to cool mid to large-sized rooms. Hence they are equipped with a water capacity of forty to sixty litres. Its massive water capacity and cooling properties allow desert coolers to be beneficial outdoors too.

Desert coolers are ideal for areas with dry weather conditions as it does not affect their performance. Such coolers gather the outside air and use their large fans as exhausts to cool a large area. Refilling is not an issue with desert coolers either, as their large water capacity only requires you to fill those two or three times a day. Crompton’s Optimus 65i is one of the best desert coolers you can get within the price range when you see the many features it has to offer – remote control, air filters, auto-drain knob, and Everlast pump that works even with hard water.

Durability and long cooling hours are also two of the best pros of a desert cooler, while it does not lack in the mobility sector either. As it comes with wheels, moving desert coolers from one place to another is simple despite its huge size.

Amongst everything, it is undoubtedly the wide throw range that helps desert coolers stand out from the competition. If you want an air cooler for big offices, banquet halls, prayer houses, or restaurants, desert coolers will suit your needs perfectly.

Window Cooler

Window coolers emerge as a viable choice for consumers looking to buy an air cooler with AC-esque properties. As suggested by the name, window coolers are placed on a window, much like window ACs. A window cooler can save your spacing issues as it does not take much room space if installed correctly.

You can also make them movable through trolleys if you do not want to fix them on the window. Window coolers come with a water capacity of fifty litres, allowing them to cool a mid-sized room without any hassle.

Plus, a window cooler merely uses 1/10th of energy if compared to a standard air conditioner. They are the ideal choice if you want to cool a small office, personal space, or kids’ room. Window coolers pack the accumulation of personal coolers and desert coolers, making them a pseudo hybrid.

Wrapping Up

Air coolers are one of the best cooling appliances, and the appliance becomes even more appealing with brands like Crompton offering a diverse range of air coolers. Choosing the best air cooler amidst the extensive alternatives in the market can be daunting, but a quick read about them can help you out.

The blog has specified different types of air coolers in the market, along with their distinct properties. You can get every piece of viable information about different air coolers via the blog and to find out the ideal air cooler within your budget. Know everything about air coolers and simplify your search.

Post Author: Jayden Logan