The Advantages Of Natural Granite Stone

Exceptionally hard, granite does not resist the wear and tear of time. Abrasions or scratches are unknown to it. The great robustness of granite allows it to stand the test of time without cracking due to frost if used outdoors. However, it is necessary; during construction; to pay attention to the evacuation of water by making a slope of at least 3%. Building a granite terrace guarantees longevity for the owner of a house.

Unlike sandstone, which is more porous, granite like in Granite Selection for instance is perfect in damp rooms. In the case of projection, the water will flow on the surface without penetrating the stone. As it is possible to find it in different colors, it can meet everyone’s aesthetic tastes, even if you sometimes have to pay more for more atypical colors. Unlike other natural stones, it is not very sensitive to stains and is easy to maintain.

Its thermal conductivity is appreciated to bring additional comfort to the room.

The Disadvantages Of Natural Granite Stone:

Granite has few defects. We can’t even blame it for being fragile, like many of its natural stone counterparts in the face of acidity. However, despite its robustness, choosing gentle cleaning products will always be preferable. Opting for polished granite exposes the homeowner to the fact that the stone is slightly more fragile. And even. Breaking a slab or worktop in this material would take a violent shock. Finally, visually, granite may not be popular, especially when it is black, if people want a transparent material for their home.

What Price To Buy Natural Granite Stone?

The price of granite like Iced White Quartz is often determined by its shape. Large paving is necessarily more expensive than a bowl for crushing food. Beyond the size, it is also the thickness that has an impact on the price but which ensures its solidity all the more, whether indoors or outdoors. Its origin, that is to say, the country and the quarries from which it is extracted, can also affect the purchase cost.

Calculated per square meter, granite can be between 25 and 60, in general, when you opt for a stone extracted nearby. Opting for an extraction zone in another country, for color reasons, will raise the bill, and it is then possible that the price per square meter will be around 150 or even 200 euros, for example. Finally, this price, given as an indication does not consider the price that a craftsman would ask for the laying of interior paving or the installation of a terrace. Pricing can then be around 40 to 60 euros per square meter laid.

Post Author: Jayden Logan