Sustainable Decor Tips For Your New Home

“Good design is a sustainable design.”

These words of wisdom were spoken by the fashion expert Imran Amed, who intended towards the more usage of sustainable fashion. But this line also targets the use of other sustainable products too.

Getting a new home is like entering a new phase of your life. It brings a lot of joy and happiness. Meanwhile, doing the interiors and decor can be a fun but tedious task. Choosing the color of walls, design of curtains, unique furnishings, and many others can get a lot overwhelming. While it is important to do your house to make it home, the usage of sustainable products can be a game-changer for your place.

Here are some tips and tricks to make you and your home the coolest one on the entire block.

  1. Explore Flea Market

A flea market is a place where you can find second-hand products. You can find all kinds of things –  from clothing to furniture to decor stuff. Sometimes, you can find pieces in very good condition that can be simply used again in your home. You can use wooden furniture by painting a few coats and minor repairs that will give it a rusty vintage look. Instead of choosing plastic furniture, you can go for this. A good flea market has a lot of hidden gems if explored properly.

  1. Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

Technology has advanced a lot and has given us a lot of products that run on renewable energy sources and are very energy efficient. Solar energy is one example. You can get solar panels installed in your home for electricity supply; it can be an expensive investment at first, but it will definitely benefit you in the future. You can use energy-efficient bulbs and LEDs with sensors that can dimmer the lights if you sense no movement for a long time.

  1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Be it curtains, upholstery or rugs, if you opt for the eco-friendly fabric to design these, it can have a small but important impact on the environment. Hemp fabric is one such fabric that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is a sustainable fabric that can be used to make aknakardinad, table runners, rugs, or anything. You can also use jute, cotton, or any natural material to play with fabrics around your home.

  1. Add Greens

No, we are not talking about vegetables. It is good to eat your daily dose of veggies, but it is also important to plant the greens around your home. Having plants inside your house can be an instant mood uplifter and a relaxing sight. Green is the color of nature, life, and renewal. Plants can be amazing decor items that will also benefit your health on a daily basis. You can go for a full-fledged backyard garden or a small balcony garden, depending on your ability to take care of them, as plants are just like babies that require lots of love and care.


If you are someone who cares a lot about Mother Nature and its carbon footprint, the above-mentioned tips will help you a lot while decorating your new home. You can check out Avaeksperdid for its amazing range of eco-friendly products.

For more information on how incorporating greenery and nature in your space can benefit you, see the resource below.

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Post Author: Jayden Logan