Shower Head Buying Guide- 5 Things to Consider

Taking a shower is much more than just taking a bath. It’s about relaxing, rejuvenating, and spending that me-time as the magical water droplets cleanse you inside out. But that’s if you have the right showerhead.

Let’s look at five things you should consider when selecting shower heads

  1. The Right Type of Showerhead

The first thing you have to do is pick the right type of showerhead. There are countless options out there that could confuse you. But to keep it simple, let’s divide them into three broad categories.

  •     Adjustable Shower Heads:These are the most common types of shower faucets. It can be rotated slightly on its axis to give a desired direction to the water flow. These are great for compact shower spaces.
  •     Rain Shower Head: A rain shower head is designed to optimise and reduce the flow of water in a way that replicates the feeling of showering in the rain. They are typically bigger than regular shower heads and require a slightly bigger showering area. Moreover, since these control or even reduce water flow, they are great if the water flow in your house is good.
  •     Dual Shower Heads:Also known as handheld showers, they are mounted on a wall and can be used both as an overhead shower unit and a handheld one. They are great if you have kids or pets at home as they allow you to easily take the shower head in your hand for easy use.
  1. Water Flow

One thing you should check is the water flow of the shower unit. Mentioned in LPM or litres per minute, it tells you how much water the unit can dispel. While the more, the better, you may think, this also means a high LPM shower unit will consume more water. So select the right one based on your needs and the current water flow at your home.

  1. Installation Type

Another thing you should pay attention to is the mount or installation type of the unit. While shower units are usually wall-mounted, some are also ceiling-mounted. And others, such as handheld showers, are attached to the same water source where you usually attach the mixer. The right mount type would depend on your bathroom’s plumbing design.

  1. Spray Technology and Types

Modern-day showers come with advanced spray technology to improve your bathing experience. For instance, air induction technology in showers spray air-infused water droplets. This makes the droplets seem bigger giving you a more refreshing showering experience. Moreover, they consume less water, save energy bills, and are also good for the environment.

Besides the use of technology, there are many spray types that you can get from your shower unit. There are many sprays, from rain to pulsating massage or aerated foam.

While these showers might be slightly expensive, the superior experience they offer makes it worth the extra cost.

  1. Finish and Build Quality

Lastly, check the build quality and finish. After all, you don’t want the shower faucet to stop working or catch rust. The primary thing is to look for the base material used. From plastic to steel to brass, there are many. Brass is much more long-lasting than plastic and looks good too. Next, look at the finish of the piece. The right one would depend on the overall decor of your bathroom. You can find many options from steel to chrome to rose gold finish.

Apart from the looks, ensure the shower head is easy to maintain and clean. If you live in an area that supplies hard water to your home, the shower unit is bound to get blocked over time. However, the detachable units allow you to detach it without dismantling the entire shower head and cleaning it thoroughly.

Shower heads can make or break your showering experience. Follow these tips and select the best unit for your bathroom.

Post Author: Jayden Logan