Popular Home Renovation Projects To Inspire Your Summer

The trends of home renovation are followed by a great many industries, from interior designers to housing developers. Each new social and cultural preference that occurs, whether a colour falling out of favour or a new fabric becoming a must-have, can prompt significant changes across various industries, encouraging those who want to stay relevant to keep their finger on the pulse.

For homeowners who want to have a stylish and comfortable home, it’s also worth paying attention to trends since they will not only help to keep living spaces feeling up-to-date with new technologies and designs that benefit residents but can also reveal ways to add value to a home for those hoping to sell.

What’s more, we are now approaching the season of renovation. Summer is a brilliant period of tackling home redesign for a number of reasons, but primarily because the assured warm and dry weather allows work to be performed outdoors, even if it’s simply to store tools and materials overnight.

Repaint Exteriors

One of the most popular summer renovation projects is to repaint a home’s exterior. A task that cannot be done in the rain, this summer chore is an affordable and quick way to have your property feeling entirely new. One only needs to begin adding paint to a wall to realise how deteriorated previous coats have become and, since residents see their own homes each day, such a gradual change is otherwise invisible.

Repair Roofs

Roofs are easily neglected due to their inaccessibility. However, come winter and periods of rainfall, those who spend the time to inspect and repair their roofs during the summer will be able to relax while others may experience the misfortune of water damage affecting their home. Since such issues can occur gradually, roof inspections are an ideal way to catch deterioration before it becomes irreparable.

Construct Cabins

Outbuildings, from annexes to log cabins, have become exceedingly popular in recent years. These garden structures essentially expand living space and offer residents a blank canvas of utility. Many residents are creating such spaces as a way to successfully work remotely, giving their professional lives a dedicated space at home, one that doesn’t impose on a central living space.

Pressure Wash

Another example of how homes can deteriorate slowly and without residents noticing is through the grime and mildew that builds around property exteriors. Especially in climates like our own, where long periods of cold and moist weather are common, outdoor surfaces, from brick walls to concrete floors, lose their shine and become ugly. It only takes a few minutes with a pressure wash to realise, firstly, how badly weatherworn a home is, and secondly, how simple it is to revive a home’s appearance.

Clear Out Belongings

They say springtime is the period of cleaning but summer allows residents to not only clean their homes but also their gardens. Since the summer is also a time where residents seek to be in the garden more often, it can be useful to clear away the seldom-used grilling equipment or now-rusty construction equipment otherwise taking up space.

Post Author: Jayden Logan