Must-Knows About LG Steam Dryers


There are many good dryer brands in the market. However, LG steam dryers have a good reputation in the industry for drying laundry with all the bells and whistles and it can be an enticing choice if your old dryer is not acting too well. However, before you decide to invest in a new dryer, you should at least try to fix it by hiring a dryer repair professional. It’s very easy to find the contact information of a dryer repair professional in your area if you search “dryer repair near me” on Google.

However, if you have made up your mind to purchase an LG Steam Dryer, it makes sense to learn some of its incredible features, pros and cons, and whether you should really purchase one.

How do LG steam dryers work?

There are many different LG steam dryer models available, but the technology keeps changing every few years. Some of the popular features of LG steam dryers include:

  • TurboSteam technology
  • EasyLoad dual-opening door
  • Sensor dry system
  • Precise temperature control with a variable heat source
  • FlowSense duct clogging indicator
  • And much more!

Although these features sound appealing, it is more important to have a basic idea of how steam dryers differ from conventional dryers.

Generally, LG steam dryers work the same way as conventional dryers with one important difference. When the drying cycle starts, LG steam dryers produce steam inside the drum by spraying a mist of water inside it. Due to the temperature difference, the mist quickly turns into steam and offers a host of benefits compared to traditional dryers.

The benefits and drawbacks of LG steam dryers

Every product has its pros and cons, and LG steam dryers are not an exception. Here are a few reasons why you might want to get a steam dryer:

  1. LG Steam dryers eliminate wrinkles – Just like how steam irons help to eliminate wrinkles from clothes and help smoothen fabric, LG steam dryers also have the same effect on your clothes, something which is not possible to achieve by using conventional dryers. The only catch is that the dryer drum must remain about ¼ empty.
  1. LG Steam dryers can help you save in long term – When using an LG steam dryer, generally, there is no need to iron or re-wash the clothes after a drying cycle. This is because LG steam dryers effectively remove odor and eliminate wrinkles. And it also reduces the need for frequent dry cleaning. Plus, they also utilize less energy and water which helps you to save money in the long term.
  1. LG Steam dryers help remove odors – LG steam dryers are very effective at removing odors from old clothes and freshen up your clothes to feel like new fabric. This is possible since the steam penetrates every fiber of the clothes and helps to kill bacteria and germs that produce a bad odor. Thus, you are much less likely to re-wash your clothes shortly after they have been dried using an LG steam dryer.
  1. LG Steam dryers kill harmful microorganisms – If sanitization is a high priority for you, LG steam dryers can become the ideal appliance for you. The high heat levels produced due to the steam eliminates harmful germs and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses and ensure that you and your family members get to enjoy clothes that are safe to wear every time.

Here are a few reasons why you might not want to get a steam dryer:

  1. Some LG steam dryers can get extremely hot and require cooling after each cycle – Dryers can get very hot since they use hot air to dry clothes. However, since LG steam dryers utilize steam, they get even hotter. As a result, many LG steam dryer models need to go through a cool-down period after a single session of the drying cycle.

This can become a frustrating experience if you need to dry multiple loads successively. However, you can invest in high-end models since they may not require a cool-down period.

  1. They may not be effective at all times – Steam dryers on average perform better than conventional dryers but if you have used any electrical appliance, you must know that they don’t perform great all the time. Lower-end models of LG steam dryers may not be able to remove wrinkles from your clothes 100% of the time. So, this is something you should consider if you wear formal clothes more often casual clothes.
  1. LG steam dryers are costly -LG steam dryers offer incredible features and benefits, but they are also more expensive than conventional dryers. Although you can save more money in the long term, the initial high cost may not be worth it for your needs.
  1. You might require an additional water line – LG steam dryers require an additional water line to be set up. This may not be an issue if the dryer is placed in a laundry room. However, if you plan to place the dryer in another room that doesn’t have an existing water supply connection, you have to spend extra money on plumbing.

Should you purchase LG steam dryers?

LG steam dryers can be a good choice if you can afford them and if sanitization is your primary priority. Plus, it also helps you to achieve that wrinkle-free look on your clothes much more easily and quickly.

However, the extra cost may not be justifiable for you depending on your circumstances. For instance, if you usually wear casual clothes and they don’t get too dirty or smelly, a conventional dryer can work just fine for you.


It can hard to decide whether you should purchase a new dryer or try to fix the trusty-old dryer that you have used for so long. If you cannot decide what to do, your best bet is to get a professional opinion, and to do that, all you have to do is search “dryer repair near me” online to find the contact information of dryer repair professionals.

Post Author: Jayden Logan