Mark Roemer Oakland Explores How to Cut Costs on Bathroom Renovation


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you can’t delay a bathroom renovation. Pea-green and brown tiles, mold damage, terrible choice of wallpaper, and other such signs glare at you every time you get into your bathroom. However, bathroom renovations are expensive. Let’s check out how you can cut costs on bathroom renovation:

The Costs

  1. Don’t mess around with plumbing – When you renovate the bathroom, try not to relocate the toilet and bathtub. That would require you to replace existing piping and plumbing fixtures. That’s no small task and would put you back thousands of dollars. If there’s no compelling reason, keep the existing plumbing.
  1. Frame the mirror – You may have seen large hanging mirrors in bathrooms and want one for yours as well. However, they cost an absurd amount of money compared to the value they provide. Instead, you can save up hundreds of dollars by jazzing up a builder-grade mirror. Framing a regular builder-grade mirror costs you less than $20 for each mirror. Moreover, it gives an elegant look to your bathroom while hiding any flaking around the edges of the mirror.
  1. Replace the seat and lid – People tend to throw away their old toilet pot for no good reason. However, replacing the old porcelain perch is similar to throwing money down the drain. Keep the old pot if it isn’t cracked and looks as good as new after a deep clean. Save the money and get a fancy bidet toilet seat and lid. This gives your old toilet a fresh look and also adds a useful bunch of practical functions.
  1. Look around a recycling center – When you buy new building materials, they cost a pretty penny. However, buy them slightly used and the price is slashed down to a fraction of the cost. Check out the recycling centers near your home to take advantage of the low prices. You’ll find everything from windows and faucets to flooring and tubs at a steal deal. If you’re lucky you may be able to pick up antique brass fixtures at a bargain.
  1. Add more light – Adding a skylight or a window to let in the natural light and brighten up the dim and dull bathroom is a famous renovation plan everyone wants to execute. However, cutting a big hole in the wall is a pricey endeavor. Instead, you can get a simpler solution, a sun tube. They are flexible and efficiently direct natural light to your bathroom through a small opening on the roof.
  1. Tile alternatives – Your bathroom doesn’t necessarily need to have tiles to the ceiling. Instead, you can get cheaper yet premium-looking alternatives like board and batten, reclaimed wood panels, and headboards. While they need more maintenance, they give the bathroom a much more welcoming, warm, and comfy vibe.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use all these methods to reduce the cost of bathroom renovation. Correctly implementing the above-mentioned methods can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Post Author: Jayden Logan