We all love being cosied up next to the fireplace with our favourite warm drink on a winter day. Fireplaces are a must for cold winter months in Canada. If you already have one, you the value it adds to the home and room. However, installing a fireplace is never cheap. When you have one, you must take good care of it. Proper maintenance and inspection must be carried out. Even if you don’t own one and are planning on purchasing from the Fireplace Store Toronto, you must know the following tips. Here is how you can take good care of the fireplace.

Using Good Firewood

There are various options of wood available. An educated decision needs to be made about the type of wood being burnt. High cost doesn’t always imply quality. Wood species like oak, birch and ash burn for longer and are hotter than other woods. They are considered to be ideal for cold days. While choosing the wood keep in mind that it should be clean and easy to handle. When it comes to softwood, there aren’t a lot of options that produce an adequate amount of heat. They might emit smoke and creosote in large quantities. While storing the wood, ensure that it isn’t exposed to vermin or insects as they can easily enter your home.

Bricks need to be cleaned

It is crucial to clean the bricks out. There are effective ways to do that. Following them can help them to shine as if they were new. The grease can be removed by using a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap. You can also add table salt as it works as a mild abrasive when the bricks have been blackened. If you don’t mind adding to the chores, you can also add ammonia and pumice to the solution. This is a great addition when there is really strong grease.

Inspect for gaps between bricks

Sometimes the brick mortar on the inside begins to develop gaps with time. It is natural as there is a lot of heat inside the fireplace which can cause expansion and contraction. These bits of mortar present can start to become loose and then fall off. This leads to the creation of gaps. When there are gaps, it needs to be fixed immediately as they can expose the structure to fire.

Reach out to the professionals

The best way to go about taking care of your fireplace is by reaching out to the experts. They will carry out the maintenance work. While doing that, they will also inspect to see that everything is perfect. During this time, they are usually able to catch any plausible issues that could arise and carry out the repair. Carrying out repair at this time is essential as it can prevent the problem from getting out of hand. They will also share tips with you that can help you to make the best out of the fireplace.

Post Author: Jayden Logan