Guide To Buying A Globe

No matter your child’s age, a globe such as a replogle globes is a great gift. Take inspiration from this list and wish him a good start with a miniature Earth that will make him want to see the world!

For Toddlers

To introduce children under 8 to the joys of geography, opt for a simple, colorful, and resistant globe with which they can have fun while discovering the names of countries worldwide.

A Cushion Globe

Here is a cushion globe with a diameter of 30 cm (12”), soft as plush, which is the cuddly version of globes for adults. With over 600 location names, bedtime has never been so informative.

A Balloon Globe

Why not take the world outside to play with an inflatable globe? Playful, light, and fun, this 50cm (20”) diameter Earth-shaped balloon is as detailed as a standard political globe. But this one launches much better in the pool.

For Animal Lovers

Nothing is more fascinating than discovering the world through the animals that inhabit it. To pique the curiosity of children who are a little less Cartesian, try a slightly different approach with an animal-themed globe!

A Puzzle

This round puzzle of 180 pieces in 3D, equipped with a rotating base and which can be assembled without glue, contains a ton of information on the world’s countries and the animal species that live there and whose survival must be carefully protected.


Luminous globes and Desktop Globes are all the rage among the little ones. This complete and detailed 25 cm (10”) globe, which can be used as a lamp or a night light, will add charm to any child’s room. In addition to the location of countries, cities, and oceans, it illustrates the animals found in each region of the world.

For The Older Ones

Pro Tip: When purchasing your first globe, choose a “political” rather than a “physical” globe. Unlike the physical type, which further illustrates the natural geography of the planet, a political globe clearly shows the borders of countries.

A Full Globe

Warmly recommended by the boutique specialist we consulted; this luminous globe is as pretty as instructive. Mounted on a simple and solid plastic base, it is easy to consult, and its textured surface imitates the reliefs of the earth’s surface. Ideal for future globetrotters, who can fall asleep dreaming of traveling the world.

A Smart Globe

The Intelliglobe II – an intelligent, luminous, interactive, musical, and talking globe – represents a more significant investment. But judging by the testimonials of many parents and teachers, it would be worth it. Mounted on a base equipped with buttons and a remote control, the Intelliglobe provides access to a wealth of information on the territory pointed out by the child, from its population to its history and including its national anthem. A veritable gold mine for curious children who are thirsty for knowledge!

Post Author: Jayden Logan