Growing The Size Of Your Garden With Clever Design

Some homeowners resent the size of their garden, often comparing smaller spaces to the abundant outdoor acres of countryside homes. However, even urban residences with a mere patch of grass have amazing potential for space and design, at the very least more than they might have first realised.

To access this potential, residents must be ready to get creative, as well as to invest a little time into refreshing their current garden design. Thankfully, getting the most out of a garden’s space doesn’t always require significant costs, meaning even those with a strict budget can begin creating a more spacious outdoor space that works for them.

Climb Upward

When gardens are described by estate agents, they are mentioned by their floor space. This doesn’t always work to their advantage because, especially in tightly packed urban neighbourhoods, there is a great deal of potential for vertical designs. Walls can become flush with climbing gardens and hanging planters, fences can be given colour and ornaments, and cosy nooks can be utilised as dining areas with the addition of rattan corner dining sets. So, before looking at your garden’s horizontal space, consider pushing the aesthetics upwards first, lifting your plants and furniture off the ground and onto the walls.

Make Some Room

Before settling on your garden space, strip your garden back of all its contents and only add what is essential. This includes structures, such as sheds, which can often be less valuable than space. Plants and trees can be removed, as can large features like ponds, all of which can create an abundance of potential space for your garden needs. If, for example, you’re unlikely to use your grill or surplus plant pots, be sure to dispose of them or place them into storage, or else you may end up compromising the enjoyment of your garden space by turning it into storage.

Utilise Containers

Instead of having flowerbeds that consume a large amount of surface area to grow a relatively small amount of growth, consider, instead, using pots and containers for your plants. These take up far less room by comparison and, with clever planning, can also be stacked into layers, building your plant collection on top of itself, giving you more room!

Create Space With Light

If your garden is considerably shady, it is likely to feel smaller than it actually is. Light complements space and should be used creatively to maximise the sense of roominess that one has in their own garden. By opening an area up to sunlight it can be broadened, just as an indoor room can be enlargened with the addition of a window and natural light.

Surface And Colour

Homeowners are, relatively speaking, quite conservative with their garden designs. Few outdoor spaces make use of reflective surfaces and bright colours. This is unfortunate since many such stylistic additions can create a huge sense of optimised space within a garden area as it can within the home. Rethink your exterior walls’ colour, add new and various textures to your garden, and redefine your space on a small level to affect its greater area.

Post Author: Jayden Logan