6 Garden Trends That Are Improving Wellness

Garden spaces are becoming ever more important for homeowners. Following the various degrees of lockdown, as well as periods of individual isolation, having access to personal outdoor space is immensely valuable, especially for wellbeing. Individuals are able to relax in nature, soak up the sunshine, and step outside of their homes, all of which is conducive to mental health.

As garden spaces become central to residential wellness, their designs are beginning to change. No longer can the green spread of well-kept lawns be entirely enough to help individuals to relax. Instead, new trends are occurring, promoting a greater saturation of nature and tranquillity.


Flowers are often celebrated for their visuals, with gardeners prizing the most beautiful blooms within their garden. Now, however, a shift in preference has made the most aromatic and perfumed flowers more popular. These blooms have the ability to fill a garden with amazing scents that themselves have the potential to elevate wellness and enhance sensory experiences. Expect to see a great number of lavender blooms and magnolia blossoms as a result!


Drawing from the designs of zen gardens, water features are making a comeback. The soft ambience that they bring to the garden, as well as the wildlife they accommodate, are wonderful backdrops for wellness, especially for those that endeavour to practice yoga.

Water features are not required to create noise either, which might better suit certain residents. Certain designs, however, such as ponds, can remain quite well still being wonderful backdrops against which to relax.


Personal outbuildings, such as log cabins, are ideal settings for those wanting to enjoy a covered space that is immersed in nature. Cabins can be designed to accentuate organic design, opening internal space to great amounts of sunlight, the sound of birds, as well as cooling breezes. Alternatively, these spaces can act as a private respite, one that is designed with absolute comfort in mind, offering residents a luxury space away from their central property.


Garden designs have long been somewhat traditional, especially when it comes to colour and style. This year, we are seeing a greater affinity among residents for bold designs. Bright colours are being used to decorate garden features, elevating garden spaces away from understatement and neutrality.


While already a cultural mainstay in Finland, saunas have yet to find their way into mainstream popularity within the UK. This, however, is beginning to change. Saunas have begun to achieve this recognition in part due to their health benefits, which have proven popular among residents. Coupled with their affordability and flexible designs, they are a garden feature becoming more popular.


Growing your own food is an admirable pursuit but it is growing your own medicine that is now taking off. Seeking a way to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, residents are designing their gardens with medicinal plants in mind, flowers that can become teas and plants that can be used to infuse soaps.

Post Author: Jayden Logan