5 Living Room Makeover Project Ideas

We spend a lion’s share of our time in the living rooms which is why coming back to the same walls and same décor year after year can become boring. It is the most functional area of your house where most of your family activities take place.Today we have rounded up some of the best living room makeover ideas ranging from fancy walls to fresh furniture which you can draw inspiration from:

  • Adding A Wall Art

You can infuse a dash of vibrancy to bland walls with the right selection of wall art consisting of posters, decals, paintings, and more which holds the potential of either making or breaking its visual harmony. Adding a modern element to your living room becomes easy wooden or metal pieces. However, custom-made artist paintings come with an expensive price tag. Also, wall arts are intended for a specific portion of your house and might not be effective in bringing about a big impact on your overall décor.

  • Changing The Furniture

Your living room needs to look very spacious for welcoming houseguests and furniture can have a big role to play in determining the ultimate look and feel of your living room. You can order different types of furniture from a physical store or from different online portals. Assembling the furniture usually does not require a lot of effort.

  • Fresh Paint

Did you know that our ceiling and walls comprise around 50% of the total surface area of our house! As a result, you can change your home décor by altering the paint color of your living space. Adding a fresh coat of paint can boost up the atmosphere in your living room. Choosing light shades such as white can make your space look bigger. A light backdrop serves as the perfect palette for bringing home vibrantly hued furnishing and lots of green plants for jazzing up your home.

  • Carpet

Carpets can completely change the look of your floors. You can also opt for sleek designs to keep up with your contemporary theme. Custom-made carpets are extremely heavy on the wallet. They are also not very practical for the dining area as they tend to accumulate dirt.

  • Wallpaper

Wallpapers have evolved into a beautiful and affordable choice for modern millennials who wish to impart a new look to their living area in a hassle-free manner. You can choose from photo wallpapers to patterns. These wallpapers also come in a variety of materials for catering to different tastes and preferences of homeowners. Peel and stick wallpaper is evolving into a popular option as it can be applied like stickers without the requirement of any glue.


Imparting a swanky new makeover to your living room every 3-5 years can be a refreshing change. The above-mentioned tips can have your back while trying to change your living room getup. You can easily choose the option which suits you best. Also, keeping your room clutter free can bring a sense of inherent calmness as you return back from work.

Post Author: Jayden Logan